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Triathlon Sponsorship Donation


The 2023 Triathlon is currently accepting sponsors and donations in the following ways:

  • Race bag donations
    – E.g. pens, pencils, water bottles, sunglasses, lanyards, sunscreen, chap-stick, koozies, business cards, bandanas, hats, pre-workout, etc.
    – Business logo’s encouraged!
    – These will be put in a bag that is given to each participant, please provide enough for 30 participants.
  • Race day food and beverage donations
    – E.g. peanut butter sandwiches, water bottles, protein bars, fruit, granola bars, sports drinks, chocolate milk, energy gels, packaged treats, etc.
    – Company stickers or labels encouraged!
    – Please plan for 30 participants.
  •  Volunteers
    – We anticipate needing at least 30 volunteers. Volunteers will assist with set up, check-in, timing, awards, clean up, among other responsibilities.
  •  Cash sponsorships
    – $50
    – $100
    – $150 +


  • Race bag donations
  • Race day food and beverage donations
  • Volunteers
  • Cash sponsorships