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Big Horn Canyon Triathlon 2024


Saturday July 6th,2024

Get ready to dive back into the thrill of the Triathlon at the stunning Bighorn Canyon Recreational Area! Join us on July 6th for an unforgettable event, kicking off at the picturesque Horseshoe Bend Marina. Embark on an exhilarating journey as you pedal through the majestic mountainous highway, reaching the state line and back, then lace up your running shoes for a scenic route through campgrounds, culminating in the awe-inspiring overlook of Crooked Creek Bay and back.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to challenge yourself amidst breathtaking vistas!
Race starts at 7:30 a.m.

Horseshoe Bend Marina

Entry Fees BEFORE June 15th:    Solo: $30     Team: $75

Entry Fees AFTER June 15th:    Solo: $45   Team: $85

Distance for 16 Years of Age and Under:

Swim = 400 Yards
Bike = 6 Miles
Run = 1.5 Miles

Distance for Over 16 Years of Age:
Swim = 1/2 Mile
Bike = 10.2 Miles
Run = 3.1 Miles


6:30-7:15 a.m. in the Horseshoe Bend Marina Parking Lot

Map of Course will be shared here in the near future.


*Swimming portion will take place in the Horseshoe Bend Lake
*Bike starts at transition area and goes from parking lot to main road.
Follow road that comes into Horseshoe bend out to main highway. Turn right on highway 37 and
go toward Montana.
Just past Montana Boarder is the State Line trail. This is water station and turn around point.
Go back to transition and start the run.


*Running portion:
From transition area which is in front of the Volleyball courts.
Run down the side walk to the main road.
Run down main road to turn to campground.
Run up campground road past loop A to Loop B.
Run down loop B until circles back to Mouth of the Canyon trail head.
Run up trail past water tank to the start of the loop (this will be the turn around for youth)
Continue straight on trail to the closest part of the trail which looks over crooked creek bay.
follow loop back to water station.
Follow trail back to loop B.
Turn right on loop B to finish the loop and return to Transition area in front of Volleyball courts


Saturday July 6th, 2024

Check in 6:30-7:15 A.M. in the Horseshoe Bend Marina Parking Lot
Race starts at 7:30 A.M.