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MW Elite Bball Camp

Medical Release

Must be signed by a parent or guardian before participation in the camp. In consideration of the acceptance of this application for enrollment in the 2022 Basketball Camp, I/we, intending to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against all sponsors and all employees of Midwest Elite Basketball for any or all damages which may be sustained and suffered by me in connection with my/our association with or entry into this camp, and which may arise out of my traveling to, participating in or returning from the camp. I/We hereby authorize the staff of Midwest Elite Basketball to act for me according to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention and I hereby waive and release Midwest Elite Basketball from any and all liability. I/We understand the risks involved in participating in athletics, such as basketball, which can include serious injury or death. I/We hereby grant permission for my/our child to participate in the Midwest Elite Basketball Camp and if an injury should occur during, traveling to or returning from the camp, I/we agree to pay for all costs, present and future, through my/our medical insurance policy and/or personal finances.
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