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Facility Request Form

Big Horn County School District #2 (Form B1): School Buildings Only

Big Horn County School District #2 encourages public use of school facilities. The facilities are primarily for education programs and activities; therefore, school facilities will be available for non-educational use when there are non-sanctioned school district, community education or recreation department events or activities scheduled. School district staff or students may request facility use for non-school sponsored activities subject to principal and superintendent approval. All requests must be submitted to the building principal in writing at least (seven) 7 days in advance of the activity and is subject to all policies and regulations of the district. Approval will be contingent on facility availability and nature of use. Such request may not interfere with school business or staff duties. The administration reserves the right to refuse any request.
The following conditions for private and public use of school facilities apply:
1. Facilities available for community use include:
•High school gymnasium
•Racquetball courts and fitness room
•Swimming pool
•Middle school gymnasium
•High School Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) – Performances only
•Elementary gymnasium and stage
•Middle school commons
•Elementary cafeteria

2. All outside groups requesting the use of School District #2 facilities must complete and forward a facilities use agreement to the Community Education/Recreation Director at least one (1) week prior to desired activity.

3. All requests are subject to building administrator approval.

4.Big Horn County School District #2 reserves the right to refuse facility useto outside groups for good and sufficient cause.

5. Adult supervision must be provided for the entire activity.

6. The person who signs the facility use agreement for the rental group will be considered the responsible party while the group is using the facilities.

7. Each group using the facilities will be charged a refundable cleaning deposit.

8. When applicable a key may be checked out for access to the facility. The key will be returned immediately following the activity. The person responsible will not lend the key to another person without District approval.

9. Absolutely no alcohol, use of controlled substances, smoking, or vaping is allowed on any School District #2 property. This includes, but is not limited, to buildings, parking lots, athletic fields or any surrounding areas owned by the School District.
You will be contacted shortly after your request has been received.
May be an individuals name or name or organization, for example “Lovell 8th Ward”
Please list the phone number you are best reached by.

Condition for Facility Use

1. All activities will end by 9:00 pm (including clean up) unless prior approval has been obtained from the Community Education/Recreation Director.
2. All food and drinks are allowed only in designated areas. Any refreshments must be approved in advance by the Community Education/Recreation Director.
3. It is understood that an event or an activity may be cancelled if it conflicts with a school district event or activity.
4. The user of the facility assumes full liability for any personal injury, loss or theft, during the scheduled activity.
5. The Community Education/Recreation Director must approve any outside equipment brought into the facility.
6. All groups using the facilities will confine themselves to the area that has been agreed upon for their use.
7. A request for use of additional equipment, such as tables or chairs, shall be part of the original request. The user is responsible for moving such equipment.
8. Adult supervision is mandatory at all functions.

Fees and Deposits

1.Officially sanctioned School District #2 groups or organizations. No charge

2. Community Education and Recreation classes or programs. No charge

3.Youth Organizations (Scouts) No charge

4.Church or religious groups
$25 for first hour $10 for each additional hour

5. Civic groups:
Not-for-profit events $25/event of 3 hours or less $5 for each additional hr.
For profit events $75 for first hour $10 for each additional hr.

6. Non-educational events
$150/event for 3 hrs.orless$25 for each additional hr. $200 cleaning deposit

7. Cafeteria
(cost of district employee included in fee) $150 for 3 hours or less $25 for each additional hr.$200 cleaning deposit.

Groups 1-5 will be charged a $25.00 cleaning deposit for all events.
Cleaning Deposit Cleaning deposits for facility use will be refundable upon inspection by District #2 custodial staff and/or building administrator.
Any additional cleaning or repairs for damage deemed necessary after inspection shall be deducted from the deposit at current custodial wages and replacement costs. If cleaning or repairs exceed the deposit, any additional costs will be billed to the responsible party.